Science in Our Community

Mission Statement

The Stan State Science in Our Community Outreach Program is dedicated to science education and public engagement.  This program, supported by volunteer efforts of Stan State students, faculty and staff, provides STEM activities to educationally and economically disadvantaged students is the campus's service area. 

Vision Statements

真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwThe Science in Our Community STEM Outreach Program seeks to:

  • encourage the community to visit the local campus;
  • encourage students to be engaged in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics);
  • encourage local students to attend Stan State, consider a STEM major,  especially those populations underrepresented in the STEM Community (i.e. Hispanics and women);
  • allow Stan State students to teach the community about science and its importance in society today;
  • promote Science as lifelong learning for all citizens.

真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwStudents of all ages and their families will have the opportunity to explore the world of science for free at the annual Science Day and Science Saturday events hosted by the College of Science at Stanislaus State. Hands-on experiences with reptiles, insects, skulls, and fossils, as well as demonstrations and lab tours, will allow visitors to make discoveries in a variety of fields including biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, physics, psychology, nursing, and child development.

Our science outreach has expanded to include the Junior Scientist, STEM Ambassadors, Solar Suitcase and Delhi Medical Academy of Science programs. You can read more about these programs by clicking the links in the contents.

Request for more information about the STEM outreach activities in the College of Science.

真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwWould you like to get on our email list for information about future science activities? Please provide the information requested below.

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