Student Support Services

Student Support Services is designed to motivate and support eligible students in successful completion of an undergraduate degree by providing opportunities for academic development and increased understanding of college requirements.

image of students on campus smiling with text Student support services

The program provides a variety of academic and retention services that assist with adjusting to the university environment, developing coping skills needed to succeed academically, creating educational plans of study, applying to graduate school programs, and making timely progress to graduation.

Program benefits include:

  • Academic advising and educational planning
  • Computer lab and study lounge
  • Academic success and financial literacy workshops
  • First-Year Experience curriculum/Learning community
  • Peer mentoring
  • Scholarship awards (supplemental application and criteria required)
  • Steps 2 Success program for new students
  • Student conferences (Graduate Forum, Teacher Conference)
  • Tutoring services
  • Wellness Zone (health-related information and resources)
  • WPST (Writing Proficiency Screening Test) preparation
  • Writing assistance

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